Cheapest Grocery Stores in Myrtle Beach

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  • On: 9, May 2024
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In Myrtle Beach, where budgeting is key for both locals and visitors, finding the most cost-effective grocery stores is crucial. This guide aims to ease the burden by comparing local grocery options, highlighting their prices, services, and product availability. We'll review a variety of stores from large chains to niche markets, providing insights into their deals and how to make the most of your grocery shopping.

Overview of Myrtle Beach Grocery Store Landscape

Variety of Stores

Myrtle Beach's grocery scene features a vibrant mix of local, national, and specialty stores. Shoppers can choose from major national chains like Walmart and Food Lion for general grocery needs, while local markets and specialty stores provide unique offerings and a personal touch. Specialty markets, in particular, offer rare ingredients and products tailored to specific culinary traditions.

Geographic Spread

The grocery stores in the Myrtle Beach area are well-distributed across Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Surfside Beach. This geographical spread ensures convenient access to a variety of shopping options, whether for residents in suburban neighborhoods or tourists in beachfront areas. Each location supports a mix of store types, enhancing shopping flexibility and price comparison opportunities across different areas.

food lion

Detailed Reviews of Budget-Friendly Stores

Walmart Supercenter

Walmart Supercenter is a staple in the budget-friendly grocery scene in Myrtle Beach, offering a vast array of products that extend beyond groceries to clothing, electronics, and household goods. Known for its competitive pricing, Walmart Supercenters provide a one-stop-shop experience that can be crucial for budget-conscious families. Typically located in easily accessible areas, these stores are designed to cater to a wide range of consumer needs all under one roof. The prices at Walmart Supercenters are among the lowest, which helps shoppers manage their grocery budgets more effectively.

Food Lion

Food Lion, with several locations throughout Myrtle Beach, is particularly noted for its loyalty programs which offer tailored discounts and promotions that enhance the shopping experience. This grocery chain has a strong presence not only in central Myrtle Beach but also in surrounding areas like North Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach, making it a convenient option for a wide demographic. Customers appreciate Food Lion for its straightforward layout and the emphasis on fresh produce and quality staples at reasonable prices. The MVP loyalty card is a significant draw, offering weekly specials that can lead to substantial savings.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

In contrast to the Supercenter, the Walmart Neighborhood Market focuses exclusively on groceries and related products, providing a more curated shopping experience. These markets are smaller and more navigable, which many customers prefer for quick and easy grocery runs. Despite the reduced size, Walmart Neighborhood Markets maintain the brand’s reputation for low prices and wide selection. They are an excellent option for shoppers who prioritize grocery shopping without the distraction of non-grocery items. Comparatively, these markets often offer similar or slightly higher pricing on groceries than the Supercenters, but they compensate with convenience and a focus on food items.

These three stores represent some of the most budget-friendly options in Myrtle Beach, each catering to different shopping preferences and needs but all focused on providing value to the consumer.

walmart neighborhood market

Niche and Ethnic Markets for Budget Shoppers

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly offers a distinct local appeal that resonates with shoppers looking for a homegrown shopping experience. This store is celebrated for its community feel and friendly service, providing a pleasant alternative to the larger chain supermarkets. Prices at Piggly Wiggly are competitive, especially on local products and in-house brands, making it a favorite among budget-conscious shoppers who prefer a more personalized shopping environment.

Hong Kong Super Market and Asian Mart

Ethnic markets like Hong Kong Super Market and Asian Mart offer significant savings for shoppers seeking specialty items that are typically pricey in mainstream stores. These markets specialize in Asian groceries, including unique fruits, vegetables, condiments, and snacks not commonly found elsewhere. Shopping at these stores not only supports local businesses but also provides access to authentic ingredients at lower prices, which is especially beneficial for those who enjoy cooking ethnic cuisines at home.

People Also Ask

What are the cheapest grocery stores in Myrtle Beach for bulk buying?

Walmart Supercenter and Costco are prime locations for bulk buying in Myrtle Beach. These stores offer substantial discounts on bulk purchases, making them ideal for families and individuals looking to stock up on essentials at lower prices. Both chains are known for their extensive selection of bulk goods, ranging from pantry staples to cleaning supplies.

How do loyalty cards at Myrtle Beach grocery stores save money?

Loyalty cards at stores like Food Lion and Kroger save money by offering exclusive discounts, promotional deals, and access to special sales that are not available to non-cardholders. These cards often provide points or rewards that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, effectively reducing the overall cost of groceries over time.


Which Grocery Stores in Myrtle Beach Offer the Best Value for Money?

Food Lion, Aldi, and Walmart Neighborhood Market are frequently noted for offering the best value for money. These stores balance quality and affordability, providing competitive prices on a wide range of products. Aldi, in particular, is praised for its cost-effective pricing model that includes a selection of low-priced private-label brands.

Are There Any Hidden Costs in Budget Grocery Stores in Myrtle Beach?

While budget grocery stores typically offer lower prices, there can be hidden costs such as charges for bags or a limited selection that might require shopping at multiple locations. Stores like Aldi may charge for shopping bags and require a deposit for cart use, though these costs are minimal and contribute to keeping product prices low. Additionally, the lower prices might come at the cost of customer service or store ambiance, which are factors to consider when choosing where to shop.


In exploring the landscape of grocery shopping in Myrtle Beach, we've highlighted a variety of stores that cater to every budget and need from sprawling Walmart Supercenters to specialized markets like Hong Kong Super Market. Budget-friendly stores like Food Lion and Walmart Neighborhood Market offer significant savings, especially with the use of loyalty cards. Meanwhile, niche markets provide unique items at competitive prices.

As you plan your next grocery trip, remember the benefits of choosing the right store based on your budget and location. Keep these tips in mind to maximize your savings and enjoy a tailored shopping experience that suits your lifestyle. And to further enhance your shopping experience, why not download Savvie

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