What is Savvie’s
affiliate program?

Your valued customers, loyal followers, and dear friends can now discover the incredible benefits of using Savvie, an exceptional tool that helps them save both time and money at the grocery store. By simply referring them to Savvie through your personalized link, you can earn 20% of the subscription price they pay. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

Apply if you’re a:

  • Content Creator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Course Educator
  • Freelancer
  • Professional Affiliate Marketer
  • Coach or Consultant
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Create compelling content with your affiliate link

The best affiliate partners excel at creating engaging content that not only educates their audience about the benefits of saving on groceries but also introduces them to Savvie. Share your unique link and explain why you personally recommend Savvie to maximize your impact.

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Foster audience engagement and ensure their success

The most successful Savvie affiliates go beyond mere sign-ups; they actively support their audience to help them achieve long-term success. Remember, the true value of software affiliate programs lies in the lifetime relationship with customers.

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Earn 20% recurring commissions for a lifetime

By sharing your exclusive link and guiding someone to subscribe to Savvie within 60 days, you unlock a consistent revenue stream. Enjoy a generous 20% commission that continues as long as your referred customers utilize Savvie, allowing your earnings to grow alongside the number and longevity of your referrals.


  • Create your promotional content for blogs, videos, case studies, and share the affiliate link
  • Promote Savvie to your newsletter subscribers
  • Use banners and other graphical elements to promote the link
  • Make sure you have enough knowledge regarding the product features — use our resource page if you need extra information!
  • Feel free to promote your affiliate link with PPC


  • Run PPC ads for our branded keywords
  • Add your own subscription to the affiliate program
  • Spam users or send any misleading information
  • Promote any package that is not available in our landing page


What's the attribution time for how long cookies last?

Referral cookies last for 60 days. If a customer purchases within 60 days of clicking an affiliate link, the affiliate gets credit. After 60 days, the cookie expires and the affiliate receives no commissions.

Can I sign up using my own referral link?

Self-referrals are not allowed. Using your own referral link for a purchase will lead to permanent termination of your affiliate and user account.

When are commissions paid?

In short all 3 of these must be true:

  1. Net-30
  2. Commissions due exceeds $25
  3. First week of the month

In the first week of every month, we pay out all commissions that are at least $25 and for sign ups that happened at least 30 days prior.

Do I need to be a Savvie customer?

You do not have to be a Savvie customer to join the program.  While the most successful affiliates are generally also Savvie customers, it is not a requirement.

Are there any promotional materials for affiliates?

Yes, you can use our banner and other graphical properties to promote Savvie.  Also, through your affiliate dashboard you will have access to our media kit as well as numerous pre-designed sharing options.