The Cheapest Grocery Stores in Montreal Revealed

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In the bustling city of Montreal, finding a budget-friendly grocer can revolutionize how you manage your finances. As everything becomes pricier, it's pivotal to know where you can fill your shopping cart without emptying your wallet.

In this nifty guide, we'll navigate through the cheapest grocery stores in Montreal, ensuring you snag awesome bargains on your grocery must-haves.

Cheapest Grocery Stores in Montreal

Are you trying to trim your expenses but not the excellence of your meals? Here's your golden list of the cheapest grocery stores in Montreal, ready to welcome you with open doors and shelves brimming with deals.

1. Segal's Market

Nestled at 4001 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Y4, Segal's Market stands as a bastion of thriftiness. Wander in Monday to Wednesday from 8 AM to 7 PM, Thursday to Friday until 8 PM, Saturday closing at 6 PM, and Sunday wrapping up at 5 PM. Segal's, a beloved city landmark, serves a bounty of freshness and pantry must-haves, shunning fancy frills for low, friendly price tags.

2. Supermarché P.A.

Scattered like hidden treasures around the city, with one gem at 1420 Rue du Fort, Montreal, QC H3H 2C7, Supermarché P.A. opens its arms daily from 8 AM to 10 PM. This chain caters to the taste buds with a variety of local and worldly flavours without stretching your dollar.

sami fruits

3. Sami Fruits

With locations like 10400 Boulevard Pie-IX, Montreal-Nord, QC H1H 3Z1, Sami Fruits keeps the lights on for you, typically from 8 AM to 9 PM daily. Dive into a sea of vibrant fruits and vegetables where abundance meets affordability. Exotic or familiar, your fruity cravings are catered to without the extravagant bill.

4. Kim Phat

With spots including 5762 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC H4A 1X1, Kim Phat welcomes shoppers from 9 AM to 8 PM daily. A mecca for Asian cuisine lovers, Kim Phat, brings the richness of Eastern culinary traditions to your kitchen without the high cost, making it a cherished destination among price-savvy shoppers.

Why Choosing the Cheapest Grocery Store in Montreal Matters

In Montreal, a city alive with excitement and variety, every penny saved matters. Let's dive into why picking a budget-friendly grocery store in Montreal is nothing short of brilliant.

Stretching Your Budget

First off, who doesn't prefer to save money? With prices increasing everywhere, finding a grocery store with wallet-friendly tags means you can juggle your expenses better. It's a lifeline for students or families, stretching every dollar to cover more ground.

Promoting Healthy Choices

Here's a twist — cheaper stores aren't just about canned goods or boxed meals. Many in Montreal have aisles full of fresh veggies, fruits, and whole foods. Yes, you can eat well, stay fit, and monitor your spending. Neat, right?

Supporting the Local Community

When you shop at a wallet-friendly store in Montreal, chances are it's homegrown. Your money doesn't just vanish into thin air; it stays in the local economy. It's all about keeping the community vibrant and the economic wheels turning.

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Here's where it gets even greener. Opting for a local, affordable store can mean less travel for your food. Fewer miles equal less carbon in the air. Plus, smaller stores often have a lighter environmental impact. It's a win for the planet, and your wallet! 


Tips for Finding the Cheapest Grocery Store in Montreal

  • Compare Prices: Keep a tab on what everyday items cost at different places. Some stores consistently offer better prices.
  • Look for Discounts: Sales, offers, loyalty benefits — they're all there for the taking. Use them to stretch your dollar further.
  • Consider Location: Remember, getting to the store costs too. Pick one that's easy to get to; else, the travel might nibble away at your savings.
  • Read Reviews: Check out what the internet or your neighbours say. Sometimes, the best deals are hidden in plain sight.

People Also Ask

Where can I find the cheapest grocery store in downtown Montreal?

Head straight to Supermarché P.A. It sits cozily at 1420 Rue du Fort. Picture this: shelves stocked, prices down. This place is a treasure trove for those who count their pennies but still crave the whole cart experience.

Final Thoughts

The good news? Finding the best grocery deals in Montreal doesn't have to mean compromising on your favourite fresh produce.

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So, remember: saving doesn't have to mean skimping on quality or compromising on time. Download Savvie and make your grocery adventure fun and frugal. Bon appétit!

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