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It’s time to experience the future of grocery shopping. With an intuitive interface and advanced features that maximize efficiency and minimize spend — Savvie puts the buying power back in your wallet.

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Meet Savvie

Hi, I’m Savvie! I’ll help you shop smarter not harder so you can save money every time you buy groceries.

Save money
with Savvie

Savvie offers exclusive cost-saving insights by combining regular and sale prices with discounts and deals to determine the best value for your hard-earned dollar.


Save time
with Savvie

Savvie simplifies grocery shopping by identifying the lowest prices for each item on your list, giving you the peace of mind that you’re getting the best value in minimum time, and with minimal effort. 


Get organized with Savvie

Savvie allows you to search for specific items, create a shopping list, compare prices, and calculate your savings with precision. 


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“I use Savvie to identify sales on popular or hard-to-find items. Finding deals has never been easier.”

- Peter

“Savvie chases savings while I chase my kids around —she’s a godsend.”

- Rachel

“Savvie is like having a savings calculator that does all the thinking for me. I'll never grocery shop without her again.”

- Tanya